South Asian Wedding Photography: The wedding will come and go but your photographic memories last forever on your Instagram and on your walls. We spoke to bridal photographers to find out what’s trending in the fields of wedding photo and video and what a couple can do to ensure they are happy with their results.

Fine Art Productions

“Our Indian wedding photography style is a mix of photojournalism, candid, portraits and glamour photography. We love to mix candid shots with fun, posed shots. We love to shoot everything that happens in and around a wedding; be it the makeup, the family drama, the pranks, the hidden glances or public display of love. We love it all. And how do we guarantee we capture it all? By making friends with the couple, their friends and family and even their pets. Then, we automatically know that a couple will want their furry friends to be shot and put in the wedding album.

Our cinematographers also focus on providing a touching wedding film that captures the true essence of the place, the couple and the event. The approach is a lot like our photo team in that we engage as friends with the client and shoot the event unobtrusively.”

–Amish Thakkar, Fine Art Productions

Chhaya Photo Studio

“We ask our clients not to pose for the camera; rather we want them to be as comfortable as they can be so we can shoot candid shots. We believe that formal posing for pictures has become outdated. In order to capture the best images, we presently use the Profoto D2, a wonderful flash light technology that can take 20 shots in one second so that we capture every movement and detail. Also, the Profoto enhances the color of the image so we get the exact color of the bride’s make up and attire. Our advice? While doing outdoor pre-wedding photoshoots, we specifically tell our brides to wear clothes and makeup that they have already tried and tested in front of the camera.”

–Chetan, Chhaya Photo Studio

Nayeem Vohra Studio

“In this digital age where anything and everything is consumed online, it is refreshing and heartening to see the revival of love for prints and albums. We were and remain big believers of photographs and not just photography. Our couples are excited to work with us on their first family heirloom and their first moments as husband and wife. Today’s informed couples value professionally designed and printed albums. They want their wedding photos to tell their story with each turn of the page and in every photo frame, a moment captured and set in their hearts forever.

Three tips for brides to achieve the best possible memories:

1) Talk to your photographer and assign a fair amount of time for photography on the day of the wedding even if things are running late. Every minute spent is a minute invested in beautiful photographs.

2) Focus on your wedding. What others may or may not have done shouldn’t decide how you want to experience your day. It’s a milestone, your milestone.

3) Enjoy your wedding! The big day is here and will go by fast. So savor every moment. After all, the reason for this day is love, so let that shine and smile on! “

–Nayeem Vohra, Nayeem Vohra Photography

House of Talent Studio

“In the mid 2000s we saw wedding photography go towards a more journalistic style. Brides wanted natural looking photos. Recently, posing has made a big come back. But, this time it’s here with a twist. Couples want photos that are more in tune with fashion photography and contrasty images are in style. We are using more and more lights, even outdoors, to create dramatic images with shadows instead of making the images look flat.”

–Sudeep Kanwal, House of Talent Studio

House of Talent Studio

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