Meena and Raghu Hariharan's South Indian, Hindu Wedding in Houston, Texas

Wedding Date: April 17, 2016 Location: Houston, TX Bride’s Name: Meena Sigireddi Groom’s Name: Raghu Hariharan Meena and Raghu met in high school and were good friends. They started dating each other during college, when Raghu came home (to Houston, Texas) for summer break. Raghu had initially hoped to propose at a national park when visiting Meena, who was in […]

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Payal & Shyam Patel's Union in Chicago

Wedding Date: September 19th, 2015 Location: Elmhurst, IL Bride’s Name: Payal Patel Groom’s Name: Shyam Patel The couple met through a mutual friend and started communicating regularly (primarily through Facebook and phone calls), before going on their first date eight months later in the spring of 2008. They had their first date at a Subway […]

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Love & Laughter in Austin: Rajiv Satyal & Harsha Mistry

Wedding Date: August 1, 2015 Location: Austin, TX Bride’s Name: Harsha Mistry Groom’s Name: Rajiv Satyal Love and laughter were the main themes of Rajiv Satyal and Harsha Mistry’s Texas-sized, over-the-top Austin wedding. The couple had a two-day Hindu wedding affair. Previously a Procter & Gamble marketing executive and now a celebrity comedian, Rajiv proposed […]

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