(from left to right) Chef Joel Corona, Chef Suvir Saran, and Roni Mazumdar. Photo Credit: Sal D’Alia

As the former chef of the critically-acclaimed, elegant Indian restaurant Dévi in Manhattan’s Union Square, Chef Suvir Saran opened his newest establishment (and passion project), Tapestry (60 Greenwich Avenue, New York, NY 10011), in May 2016. After a brief stint in San Francisco, Chef Suvir Saran returned to New York City partnering with Roni Mazumdar, an entrepreneur in the arts/entertainment industry who owns MasalaWala restaurants with his father. The inspiration behind the new West Village restaurant lies in a global fare (with dishes traditionally associated with North Africa, France, India, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, etc.) that pushes the notions of Indian cuisine and culture beyond American expectations.

“At Tapestry, it’s not just about India, but the weaving together of flavors to create dishes that many cultures can relate to, and find accessible and intriguing,” says Chef du Cuisine Joel Corona, a Mexican-American native of California who was formerly a private chef for hire before moving to New York City to work for Chef Suvir Saran.

Photo Credit: Sal D’Alia

This Valentine’s Day, indulge yourself and your loved one for a luxurious dining experience with Tapestry’s five-course meal at $110 (plus $40 additional for wine pairing) – a percentage of each meal is donated to Planned Parenthood.

Chef Suvir Saran and Chef de Cuisine Joel Corona have put together a special menu to get you in the mood this Valentine’s Day, featuring a wide variety of aphrodisiacs: oysters, avocado, chilies, truffles, asparagus, tamarind, steak, saffron, honey, artichokes, bananas, nuts, chocolate, figs, and pomegranate.

First course: Fried Oysters and Guacamole or Aloo Bonda Potato Dumplings (with tomato chutney and spice powder)

Second course: Truffled Asparagus Cheese Toast (with quail egg, gruyere and parmigiano) or Crispy Vegetables with Truffled Romesco

Third course: Chili-Cheese-Crab Relleno (with mole poblano, pine nut and rice cakes, tomatillo salsa) or Sweet Potato and Spinach Cakes (with tamarind chutney, minted greek yoghurt, and kachumbar).

Fourth course: A5 Wagyu Steak Salad (with vegetable slaw, lime, chiles, shallots, peanuts, mint, and honey) or Saffron Tahiree Arancini and Green Bean Stir-Fry (with artichoke hearts, green peas, leeks, shallots, basmati rice, and coconut curry)

Dessert: Banana-Choco-Nut Bread Pudding (with toffee sauce) or Fig And Cherry Crumble (with blood orange and pomegranate ice cream)

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