If you are looking to really wow your loved ones (or yourself) this Holiday, ease back in your recliner and go window shopping on IndieGoGo.com, the crowd-funding site that brings you innovative, one-of-a-kind items while simultaneously helping start-ups get the capital they need to become a bonafide brand.

Licks for Kicks: Know someone who has a sneaker obsession? Get them Licks, interchangeable tongues that seamlessly fit into any sneaker giving them a bump in personality. They come in a variety of cool designs and are priced at $15 each or if you have time to wait and a cool $35 to spend, you can custom-design your own.

Perfect All Weather Travel Coat: The Olivia Coat by Mia Melon/ One Man Outerwear totes itself as a multi-weather jacket that folds down to almost nothing for easy travel and lightweight wear. And boy, does it deliver! Made of tech-forward fabric that is 40% wool with a thermal membrane, the jacket can go from 5˚F to 60˚F. It’s also styled to go with the most Instagram-worthy of wardrobes and is crease resistant, perfect for the avid traveler, $99.

Coolest Toothbrush Ever: A made-in-the-US, sustainable and battery-free electric toothbrush with a cool, sleek design. Yes Please! Be. (Beyond Electric) is a company that has created a hybrid toothbrush that works by storing kinetic energy, meaning it never needs a battery. Two simple twists on the body generates 80,000 tartar fighting brushstrokes, more than you’ll need for a deep clean, $59.

Countertop Home Brewery: Who doesn’t dream of crafting their own beer? Now, HOPii – Your Personal Micro-Brewery, is a counter-top system that lets you brew your own craft beer. This innovative device is a complete system with built-in, one-touch, automatic sanitizing–which means you don’t have to take HOPii apart for cleaning–and a highly-controlled, oxygen-free, light-free fermentation system, similar to what professionals use. The beer kits include everything you need: a three-liter bottle of wort, an ingredient pack containing dry hops and other flavors, a pack of yeast and sanitizer. And when your done, the built-in tap pours you perfectly fresh beer, $399.







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