These days, there are now a million more interesting ways to meet interesting people, but what do you do when you actually find yourself in unfamiliar dating territory? From hook-ups to online meet-ups, the old rules don’t apply. It’s a brave new world, and Bibi gives you the low-down on living it up!

Online Dating

Today, one in five relationships are known to have begun online. Think about it, who do you know who has NOT taken part in online dating? So what are the dating rules for this medium of meet ups? Let’s take a look.

1)   Ignore Them: Your profile is out there in the public sphere letting people know that you are looking, and so, it’s only normal that people in whom you are not interested may also contact you. In this case, it’s perfectly ok to not respond to an email. Most online daters know that if a person does not respond within an acceptable amount of time, it means they are not interested. It’s much different than real life encounters when you’ve actually had an interaction with someone. If you don’t like someone online, go ahead and hit delete without a second thought.

2)   Double Dip: No one is going to judge you if you are corresponding with more than one person online. Keep in mind that you will probably get one response per every five or so that you send, so it makes sense to contact as many people as you want to keep a steady stream of responses in your inbox.

3)   Email Break Ups: Ordinarily we would never recommend breaking up via email, but if you and your online partner have only met once for coffee, it’s ok to end it over email since that has been your primary source of correspondence. However, if you have had a few dates or you’ve been intimate, then of course, face-to-face time is the only acceptable break up behavior.

Speed Dating

Speed dating has become the Wal-Mart of meet-ups… you conveniently get a variety of choices under one roof. So what are the rules when it comes to the relationship racetrack?

1.     Take a Friend: Though you would never take a pal with you on a date, when it comes to speed dating, a friend can offer support, confidence and a few giggles as well.

2.     Talk About Yourself: You only have 10 minutes to make an impression so this is one time when it’s acceptable to talk openly about yourself. However, do everyone a favor by keeping the details light, positive and relevant. This is not the time to talk about your past failed relationship.

3.     Don’t Wait Three Days to Call: When you initially walked into the speed dating event, you already put it out there that you are looking to meet someone, so if both of you are mutually interested, call sooner than later. Why? Simply because that other person may have also met a few other people, and it’s in your best interest to strike while the iron’s hot!

Hooking Up

No it’s not what you think, well actually it is, but it’s so much more socially acceptable now to “hook up” with someone as a first step to a relationship. But be forewarned, every hook-up, like every date, does not mean long-term bliss. It’s just a first step.

1.     Don’t Wait Till the Third Date. The best part of hooking up is that you don’t have to wait till the third date to see if you have physical chemistry, but the worst part is also you may never hear from the other person again. It’s a riskier venture, so be prepared.

2.     Schedule at the Last Minute: A standard hook up usually happens between the hours of 11pm and 4am. Don’t call three days in advance to schedule an encounter. This is not a date. Hook ups are best done at the last minute, the spur of the moment when all you want to do is get your freak on.

3.     Skip the Conversation: Ok a few niceties here and there just shows you’re not a cold-hearted bitch but really, this is not the time to turn your sack session into therapy. You both know why you are together, so get down to it and enjoy the pure physical side of pleasure.

Whatever modern way you choose to conduct your social life, just remember to always be yourself and have fun along the way. The rules may have changed but the end goal has not. Be positive and enjoy the process!


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