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Special Offer: Re-Do your I-Dos at the Historic Hotel Galvez & Spa

For most couples their wedding day is the most special day in their lives. The ceremony and vows are the most cherished and memorable part of every wedding. The historic beachfront Hotel Galvez & Spa invites couples to part take in their annual vow renewal ceremony on Saturday, June 10, 2017. This beautiful hotel is […]

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Take Your Wedding Registry On A Charitable Adventure

By Rohana Sengupta  Weddings are a joyous and momentous time of the year where we gather family and friends to celebrate the symbol of joint eternal love between a couple (while, let’s face it, our wallets cringe ever so slightly). With that celebration, we shower love by giving the couple gifts that we either find on […]

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Bridal Product of the Week: MiTutto Immersion Blender

The wedding is over, all the registry gifts have been delivered and you’ve opened your last box. As you look around all the sparkly new appliances and dishware, you grasp that you now have more “stuff” than space? Your small, one-bedroom apartment’s kitchen is overflowing with gadgets and you quickly realize that unless you build-in […]

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