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Love in the Time of Cancer: The C Diaries Post 5

By Ayesha Hakki Make Up. Break Up. Break Up. Make Up. Relationships twist and turn. Strain and yearn In times of illness. Those you thought would be there disappear in a flurry of excuses. Then the ones you thought never cared surprise you with love and patience. This is what I am learning. People react to […]

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 The Magic Of Romance

by Ranga Iyer It does not matter whether love is expressed through email, SMS, or love letters, it will remain timeless. Here are a few scenes from Hindi films selected for the moment the hero/heroine express their love. It is only after selecting the movies I realized that, three out of four movies listed are […]

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Asking for What You Want in Love

Technology is amazing. I love it. I feel super disconnected whenever I can’t check my email and naked without my phone. And yet, the more we** feel “connected” to others via technology — the ability to have a face-to-face conversation with someone across the world, to constantly be available by text — the more distant […]

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