By Ranga Iyer


Ajay Devgn and Urmila Matondkar move to a high rise and Matondkar starts behaving strangely and speaks in a very different voice. Devgn takes her to a psychiatrist, but Seema Biswas, the domestic help thinks otherwise and advises Devgn who disbelieves in the notion of ghosts to take Matondkar  to Rekha who is an exorcist.

When enters the ‘home’ she senses the presence of the spirit of Manjeet (Barkha Madan) who was killed by her lover.

Manjeet’s spirit, according to Rekha is bothering Matondkar and will not leave her till the lover is punished.


Aamir Khan is married to Rani Mukerji and they come to live in a colony. The couple has lost their son. Rani takes solace in the fact that she can speak to her son through Shernaz Patel who acts as a medium.

Aamir does not believe her and asks her to stop visiting Patel and take the medicine prescribed by her psychiatrist.

Aamir meanwhile gets busy in his new high profile case where a movie star is found dead in a car submerged in the sea. While trying to solve the case he meets different people in the red light area and during one of his visits, sex worker Kareena Kapoor mets him and keeps bumping into him at odd places and each time gives Khan a clue about the murder and slowly helps him unravel the whole truth including the fact about her ‘death.’


The spook this time is for protecting the wildlife in a national park. Ajay Devgn is a tourist guide. John Abraham, a reporter comes with his wife Esha Deol, to investigate the deaths of tourists in the park. Abraham and Deol take the help of Devgn to unravel this mystery.

It is revealed that Devgn, a tourist guide before his death disliked people hunting in the forest and killing wild animals.  Now, after his death, his ghost has taken the responsibility to protect the wildlife by killing hunters who pose a threat to the wildlife.


A love triangle that gets a bit scary. Fardeen Khan is married to Isha Khoppikar and has a child. But he is having an extra marital affair with Esha Deol. He manages to balance his family life and lady-love. But one such session with Deol ends in a disaster when she reveals that she is pregnant. Khan suggests abortion and Deol insists on keeping the child. A tussle ensues and Deol gets killed in the process. After that day, Deol’s ghost haunts Khan to a point where he confesses about his affair to his wife. Khoppikar gets upset and leaves the house in a car and meets with an accident.  Twists and turns later, Deol’s soul enters Khoppikar to seek her revenge.


Aman Siddiqui, the friendly, but naughty lad moves into Nath Villa with his mother and father Juhi Chawla and Shahrukh Khan. Though everyone in the town informs them about the house being haunted, the family do not have a choice since it has been given to them by the shipping company Khan works for. Khan promises his wife and son that he will request his boss to allot another residence. Meanwhile, Siddiqui  and ‘ghost’ Amitabh Bachchan become friends and form a bond of love.

The ‘ghost’ takes to caring for the young boy like his own grandson who was taken away by his son and his wife to live abroad.



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