When I recently penned a piece about the Fashions at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, many would have been familiar with my rant about how I loved Sonam Kapoor’s fashion choices.  This month, I continue to put Sonam Kapoor at the top of my fashion radar, as she makes her promotional circuit for the film Raanjhanna.

She is, what I call the ‘new style’ of ‘style’ in Bollywood. Unlike the particular fantasy style and at times questionsable style, of many  ladies in Bollywood, Sonam depicts a very versatile and almost ‘girl next door’ look.  Her style team is definitely playing on her versatile look, letting her fans and the world all over, see her Western ensembles and an every now and again Indian flare. Opting for very specific era and theme inspired ‘styles’ for the young actress, this appears to be the winning combination for Sonam Kapoor, as she continues to breathe some new ‘style’ into the world of Bollywood.

Whilst on her Raanjhanna promotional circuit, Sonam depicted styles which the fashion world had already become familiar with at the Cannes Film Festival…., but this time, she confirmed why she firmly cemented in nearly every best dressed/ most stylish list.

Her style is modern and forward, she successfully blends this look into the mainstream fashion world, and she also successfully does not fall into the typical Bollywood style look. Which I guess makes her a versatile style muse for India and mainstream.

Here are a few of my favourite styles from Sonam Kapoor on her Raanjhanna promotional circuit this month.

Kim Trinh
Madam AE


SonamKapoor4 SonamKapoor3 SonamKapoor2 SonamKapoor5 SonamKapoor1 SonamKapoor6

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