sabeautyTis holiday season and you’re undoubtedly matching all of your incoming festive invitations with all the new dresses you have been treating yourself to. With all the late nights and partying ahead, rev up your beauty routine to keep you looking fresh and fabulous throughout the season.

Tame Fuzz with Laser Hair Removal

If you life seems like an unstoppable merry-go-round of shaving, waxing and plucking in a bid to get rid of those unwanted hairs –consider laser hair removal and resolve the problem once and for all.

Wave goodbye to temporary hair removal methods and say hello to smooth, hairless skin that looks fantastic and won’t leave you with unsightly ingrown hairs or irritating razor rash. Yes it hurts a little, but not much more than waxing and results are long-lasting and you’ll always be party-ready, year-round.

sabeauty2Drench Your Locks in Beer

It may sound unnecessarily sticky and smelly, but dousing your hair with beer can help keep your tresses in tip top condition, especially after night after night of party product build-up – and Catherine Zeta-Jones swears by it.

It works due to the alcohol in the beer removing any surface build up, so shampoo as normal, towel dry and rub a cupful of beer into your locks. Et voilà!

Use a Spoon to Curl Your Eyelashes

Looking for Kim K eyes but don’t have an eyelashes curler? Use a spoon to curl your eyelashes. If it sounds ridiculous, it is – but it DOES work and Miranda Kerr is apparently a big fan.

sabeauty3To try it for yourself, try running your spoon under hot water, then, with the bowl part facing up, use your fingers to press your lashes against the spoon’s curve and turn those lashes upward. Easy!

Hide Last Night

Start late night recovery as soon as you wash your face by slathering on an extra intense layer of moisturizer or even better, massage in pure coconut oil. The extra moisture will help your skin look supple and healthy in the morning. For next day’s makeup, apply light or white eyeshadow paired with a vibrant red lipstick to brighten up your entire face and make you look more energized than you actually feel.




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