April May 2006 Bridal Trends

Make way for spring. A season where the weather is warm and fashions are HOT. Our 2006 Bridal Trends issue is filled with tons wedding features and helpful tips that will help pave the way for your special day. Check out Wedding Wows, as we list ten of the latest styles on foods, cakes, music and fashions galore. In Totally Flipped Out, Bibi gives you a sneak peak at some of the seasons most stylish sandals from casual to formal wear (all with an ethnic twist, of course). Think it can't happen to you? Donna Hanover, former first lady of New York City, explains how she reunited with a past love after 35 years in My Boyfriend's Back. If you need help seeking out the perfect items to register for, our Registry 411 page may just be your best bet. Also, be sure to browse through Bridal Redefined, some of the hottest bridal wear to date. Our list just goes on and on. This is definitely an issue you do not want to miss.

Content [FEATURES]

Wedding Wows! From foods to fashion, find out what's in style this season, and give your wedding the wow factor
Totally Flipped Out Rummaging around to find those perfect spring sandals? Bibi brings you some of the latest footwear
My Boyfriend's BackSometimes love isn't just in your future, its already in your past
Bridal Redefined An exotic blend of modernity and tradition, Bibi gives bridal fashion a new meaning
Smells Something Like Love Let the sweet scent of flowers fill your wedding with joy and happiness
Registry 411 Planning to register? Get the low down on some must-have home essential

February 2006: The Sexiest Men Of the Year

Yes ladies, the month of February has finally arrived and we did it again. Are you ready? We rounded up six South Asian hotties for Bibi's Annual Sexy Men Issue. Take a peak at our lucky winners for 2006 as they dish out their thoughts on what they find sexy. If you have been finding yourself struggling for the perfect outfit lately, look no further. Bibi pulls together some of the latest accessories that will keep you in fashion for the rest of the season in Valentine Vixen. Think that's not enough? Find out the what makes a sexual experience most memorable as we get ten guys to fess up in 10 Commandments of Boudoir Behavior. From sweet weddings ideas to high-tech toys for him (or you), this is truly an exciting time as our most popular issue makes its way to the stands again. Hurry up and grab your copy.

Content [FEATURES]

The Bibi Sexy Six Introducing Bibi's hottest South Asian men for 2006. Find out what it is that makes them so incredibly sexy
Valentine Vixen Looking for the perfect Valentine's gift for yourself or your sweetie? We have the right choices here
10 Commandments of Boudoir Behavior Ten ways, according to surveyed men, that makes a woman memorable in the bedroom
Sugar, Spice and Everything's NiceA cup of creativity mixed with a spoonful of ideas, sweet ways to zest up your wedding reception and transform your desert table into something truly magical
Tech-nically Speaking Get in tune with your playful side as Bibi turns you on to some hot high-tech gadgets

December 2005: Romancing the Diamond

The winter has managed to creep up on us again this year. As the cold chills from the brisk air fill your bodies, you can only think of one thing...warmth. Bibi has discovered multiple ways of embracing the season while keeping the heat alive. Witness the beauty of the diamond as we explore the romantic history of the some of the most precious and famous jewels alive. Speaking of romantic, read on to find out the basic steps to seeking "the one" in the Soulmate Ideal. If you think that's not enough, get down and dirty with Arjun Rampal as we dish out why the sexy stud is more than just a pretty face with a hot bod. Lastly, if you are trying to find ideas for the "perfect wedding" this winter, indulge in some of Bibi's Wedding Wonders as we bring the outdoors in, creating a truly magical and unforgettable experience.

Content [FEATURES]

Romancing the DiamondBibi takes a close look at the romantic history of some of the world's most notable diamonds
Men and Sex: What He's NOT Tell You In a no-holds-barred survey, men reveal what they really think of sex and dating
Arjun Rampal: Bollywood's Bonafide Hottie We share the who and what of why we think he's is so sexy
The Soulmate Ideal Take the steps needed to find your soulmate and true love.
Water & Ice Dive deep into some of Kohinoor Diamonds most precious gems
Wedding Wonders With newly fallen snow, bring in the season to your wonderful wedding
Cozy Comforts Warming your home for the holiday

October 2005: The Festival Season

Get ready to party the festival season away with Bibi as we Celebrate with Celebrity. Saira Mohan, Manu Narayan, Shetal Shah, Bikrum Singh, Mumtaz Hussein and Thoman Teevana share some of their most beloved times about the holidays. Read on as sexy Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar gives us the scoop on his latest movie Garam Masala and lets us in on his dating and flirting secrets. This is definitely one interview you won't want to miss. Burn off those delicious festival food calories with Sarina Jain. The Queen of Masala dance and fitness instructs us a few basic exercise techniques that will get our belly's flat and our butts tight in no time. Finally, think it only happens to you? Be sure to catch some of our readers Most Embarrassing Internet Stories, these tales are guaranteed to shock you.

Content [FEATURES]

Celebrate with...CelebrityFind out how the stars observe this special time of the year
RicoStud2398 Seeks Sexy Female Horror stories of internet dating
Akshay Kumar has a Threesome Garam Masala star chats with Bibi about his upcoming film
Get Fit for Festival The fastest way to get in shape for the holiday season
Fashionable Festival Dressed-up for the season in Kanha Collection, Silver Tulip and Chuchu Couture
Accent it! Inspire your friends with seasonal gift ideas
Bohemian Chic Ethnic home items for festival parties

August 2005: The State of South Asian Women 2005

Celebrate the role models in your life with four of this years Accomplished South Asian Women--Tina Sugandh, Veena Merchant, Meera Gandhi and Mary Anne Mohanraj. Find out how these women carved their own path to a successful life and career. Rani Mukherjee shares her thoughts on Shah Rukh Khan; Bibi's Bachelorette Party will make the days before your wedding as sexy as the wedding night! If in doubt, read up on South Asian Sex and the City. and finally, find out which ethnic groceries are the best for you pantry with Bibi's Annual Spice Rack.

Content [FEATURES]

The State of South Asian Women 2005 Role models for a model culture: Meera Gandhi, Veena Merchant, Mary Anne Mohanraj and Tina Sugandh
Rani Mukherjee The mega-star talks about her lastest movie, Paheli, and her relationship with Shah Rukh Khan
Sex and the City Bibi digs deep to find what, where, when, how and why of South Asian sex in the big cities
Dealing with Depression A very real disorder that affects more people than you think, find out what you can do
The Bachelorette Party! Bibi shows you how to pull together that wild and memorable evening
Bibi Spice Rack We let you know which ethnic foods are must haves for your pantry

June 2005 Summer Fashion / StylEast Look Book

As we begin the summer 0f 2005, Bibi offers you a host of things to do to make this season truly memorable. With over 70 outfits shown in the fashion pages from Bibi's StylEast Fashion Show in this issue, the top trends for this year are still strong fusion mixed with a playful edge. Playful is the mood as we give a step by step guide to The Art of Flirting, and the legendary Amitabh Bachchan talks about his life and career. Shoes, outdoor entertaining and restaurant coupons add to this must-have issue.

Content [FEATURES]

The Summer Of 2005 A look at upcoming events to make this summer truly a memorable experience
Age No Bar: Amitabh Bachchan A cultural phenomenon discusses his life, his movies and his future
Footwear Fiesta Shoes go ethnic this summer, and we have the best picks
The Art of Flirting Get the 411 on the when, where, and how to handle all those hotties
Styleast 2005 Look Book Over 70 outfits from Bibi's Annual Designer Fashion Show
Summer Barbecue Throw a party in colorful style as Bibi adds an ethnic twist to an all-American favorite

April 2005: Bollywood Bound

If Bollywood is your passion, this issue is for you. We have the scoop on everything from the jet-setting fashionable and eccentric world, from fashion to wedding theme ideas to home products. Not to mention, an exclusive interview with the next big Bollywood crossover star, Thomas Tevana. Find out how the snag the right man, and get a lowdown on the fanciest accessories to be seen with. This issue is your guide to Bollywood style!

Content [FEATURES]

Next Stop, Bollywood! A look at how Bollywood has entered mainstream America
Thomas Tevana The next big crossover star is set to appear in Jo Bole So Nihaal, a big budget Sunny Deol flick
Bags, Batwas and Beyond The trendiest South Asian-inspired accessories of the season
The Attraction Circuit Can never find the right man? Here's an analysis of what you may be doing wrong
Bolly-Weddings Creative ideas to give your wedding a royal Bollywood feel
Bring Home Bollywood Stunning ethnic products to add old-world glamour and charm to your home

February 2005: The Sexiest Men of the Year

We know you have been waiting all year for Bibi's Annual Sexy Men Issue. Wait no more. Find out who this year's winners are and why they were chosen. More than that, this issue is tailor-made for the men in our lives. From an exclusive interview with Bollywood Beefcake Suniel Shetty, to designing the groom's wedding, high-tech gadgets and guy confessions about the love of their lives, it's no wonder why this issue is our most popular!

Content [FEATURES]

The Bibi Sexy Six The sexiest South Asian-American men for 2005
Suniel Shetty Bollywood's action hero extraordinaire reveals his big plans and his even bigger heart
The No-Excuse South Asian Diet and Workout Bollywood celebrity trainer Eliyas Qureshi puts together a diet and workout specifically for us
I Knew She Was the One When... Real guys share their real stories about their real loves
Designing His Wedding All too often, the groom is lost in the wedding planning process. With these ideas, he too can personalize the particulars
The Techno-Files Convergence is the buzz word in personal electronics, and the gadget with the most features wins

December 2004: Holiday Jewels

Wherever you go this holiday season, shine in your shimmery best with the hottest jewelry designs featured n this issue of Bibi Magazine. From romantic chandelier earrings, to dazzling colored stones in immense proportions and necklaces that are in themselves works of art, you're sure to be the center of attention. Accent your starlit ensemble with beautiful healthy skins products also featured in this issue. And if you find time between your seasonal soirees, read the Bibi Exclusive interview with Aishwarya Rai and find out her thoughts on Bollywood and her future,

Content [FEATURES]

The Man Behind the Jewels: AV Shinde He is responsible for some of the world's most beautiful jewelry. AV Shinde's journey from a poor fishing village in India to the showrooms of Harry Winston is a testament to his talent
Aishwarya Rai: From Ethnic to English Bollywood's biggest female star talks in-depth about her transitional debut in this Bibi exclusive
My Big, Fat Double Life Straddling strapless to shalwar in a precarious tightrope between two cultures, Shaheen Pasha looks into the double life of South Asian-Americans
Jeweled Feme Sol Jewelry takes center stage as the accessory to update and dazzle your holiday wardrobe
The Gift of Giving In this season of giving, we highlight lovely favours and mementos to present your loved ones and guests
Romancing the Bedroom Cultivate your sacred space into a romantic escape resplendent with lush fabrics, furniture and fascination

October 2004: Festival Fete and Fashion

It's time to celebrate the wonder of South Asian Culture: It's Festival season! From Navaratri to Onum, Ramadan to Diwali, Guru Nanak Jyanti to Bodhi Day, it's that special time of year where every South Asian is immersed in the spirit of revelry. This issue brings fusion fashion, ethnic jewelry and sophisticated hair and makeup to your personal seasonal style while also injecting panache into your party preparations. Reese Witherspoon speaks of her Vanity Affair and to add to the hoopla, Bibi brings you hundreds of dollars of money-saving coupons to your favorite stores. Go on...spoil yourself this season with this issue of Bibi.

Content [FEATURES]

A Festival Forward From Onam to Navratri, Diwali to Eid, this is festival season. Find out where they began and where they are going.
Flirtatious Confessions Looking to find a new love, but don't know how to begin? Bibi readers share their favorite pick-up lines.
Bibi Festival Makeover Go from ho-hum to traffic-stopping hot, hot, HOT!
Fall Into Festival Sensual lights, sexy silhouettes, Khubsoorat and Desi Couture define the season
Face 2 Face with Karim Rashid Design extraordinaire and self-proclaimed cultural

August 2004: The State of South Asian Women

Unrelenting in its expanse, expository, explanatory and defiant, Bibi's Fifth Anniversary issue is dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of South Asian women all over America. Five extraordinary women, Chitra Divakaruni, Mira Nair, Norah Jones, Zain Verjee and our cover girl, supermodel Saira Mohan, have exhorted the boundaries of our existence with the impetus of their potential. As cultural icons, they have given us the strength and substance to capsize the centuries-old vessel of inequality. With the skeleton of imposed values exposed, discover how, when merely questioned, certain gender ideals disintegrate and the stigma of the South Asian Good girl/ Bad girl is easily deconstructed. Read about a more alarming shame our society refuses to acknowledge: the veiled violence women suffer in their own homes—and find out what you can do to stop it. Like our feminine mystique, the stories of women are layered and multifaceted, and this issue presents an exclusive three-dimension insight on adultery from the perspectives of three women, each equally stricken with the same degrees of loss, love and lust.

This issue is also celebration of the rich, profound culture from which these women retrieve their essence, so get inspired with an impressive South Asian dinner for your parents and in-laws, festooning your table with plush antiquated fabrics, stark white flowers and gilded tableware. And if all that isn't enough, a stunning 57-carats of diamonds from Govindji's StarJewelers and luxurious saris and pantsuits from Sila.com may just convince you that this issue is a tour de force—a great work, which has taken five years to come into being.

Content [FEATURES]

The State of South Asian Women
Role models for a model culture: Chitra Divakaruni, Norah Jones, Saira Mohan, Mira Nair and Zain Verjee
The Good Girl/ Bad Girl Complex
Disputing the traditional ideal of ‘virtue’ and how it affects young women today
Society’s Shameful Secret
The violence that some women endure and what you can do to help them
Three women, the wife, the mistress and the adulteress, present an exclusive 3-D look at adultery
The Gilt Complex
Priceless jewels from Govindji’s Star Jewelers of Dallas. Now there’s something to covet
The Spice Rack
Overwhelmed when you walk into an ethnic food-store? We narrowed it down for you

While the energy crisis continues to fester across the nation, this high-summer issue is utterly electrifying. From Sabyasachi Mukherjee storming mainstream runways with his shocking new anti-fashion collection to the high-voltage, neon array of gleaming colored rings and earrings, it’s all about turning up the wattage, expressing yourself explicitly—being bold. Expose your true colors with forceful, dynamic lehngas, saris and pantsuits from Taj Sari Palace, Chicago, and Sari Sapna Sapne’s Boutique, Houston. Read about how captivating women, from Cleopatra to Marilyn Monroe have altered the course of history by enthralling men of authority with their highly charged allure—and how you too can attain ‘it.’ Set up a dazzling summer soiree on the shore that, fuelled with raw energy from nature’s skies and sunset seas, crackles with a vigor your guests won’t soon forget. And with a candid, spark-inducing face-to-face with Junoon, the most provocative rock band from the subcontinent, this issue is equipped with enough power to ensure that this summer will never just be another sepia memory.

Content [FEATURES]

The Hot Haute Summer
From casual to glamorous, read about what's scorching runways everywhere under the sun
Face 2 Face with Junoon
Conversations with the hottest South Asian band this side of the Atlantic, Pacific—and Indian Ocean
What Has She Got?
They attracted some of the most eligible men in history. Find out what makes these women so special
Indian Summer
This season, it's all about sheer, flowing fabrics, chic accessories, dazzling colors and modish 50's-inspiredglitz—enough to enchant anyone on those long sultry evenings ahead
Seaside Summer Soiree
Engaged? From the summoning to the summing up, we show you how to manage this marine affair
Outdoor Galore
With warm weather and balmy breezes, turn your backyard into your own private grotto

This effervescent issue, inspired by the advent of a vibrant Spring, pulsates from cover to cover with the lush, verdant rejuvenation of nature. Like the burgeoning branches of barren bushes, like the birds and butterflies and brilliant blossoms, like those bright azure-stained mornings and those lingering breezy evenings, every page is charismatic, rife with life, with cheery choices and new beginnings. With designers from all over the nation showcasing their talents in its fashion pages, and an in-depth feature about the continually developing South Asian wedding ceremony, discover the cultural journey South Asian-Americans have endured, which has only recently resulted in the emergence of their exclusive experience. Marriage, whether first or second, marks the start of a new life, and from inventive invitations to imperative introspection, our experts proffer their help. This issue's gilded product-reviews, paired with rose-tinged Inspired pages, will leave you with such a delightful sense of vitality, the sheer optimism will prompt you to put a spring in your step this season.

Content [FEATURES]

Presenting the New South Asian Wedding
South Asian weddings in North America have taken on new characteristics that reflect their exclusive emergent culture. Find out what they are and what they mean.


Kurti Charisma
The South Asian equivalent to the basic Tee, Kurtis are must-haves this season. Paired with these dazzling bags, be both cultural and chic this spring.

Marriage: Are you Ready?
Are you jumping the broom to have a wedding or to be in a marriage? Evaluate the pros and cons before you commit.

StylEast Look Book: Over 70 South Asian-American Outfits
See the hottest trends of 2004, as featured on the runway at Bibi's annual fashion show, StylEast.


Days Gone By
Your grandmother scoured her stainless steel, and your mother just couldn't live without her Corningware™, but we found striking pieces of contemporary tableware that were made just for you.


The Next Time Around
Your second (third or fourth) marriage deserves as much consideration as your first. But, this time, it'll be all about you. Our experts show you how to throw the perfect ceremony while observing South Asian tradition and etiquette.


Products: The Gold Rush!
This season's priceless commodities? Makeup that'll give your olive complexion a Midas touch: 22-kt splendor for your lids; full-volume crystalline glosses, and bronzers that will keep you glittering from dawn till dusk (and beyond).


Jyoti Soni from the renowned nationwide wedding coordinator company, Celebrations!


With ideas from the season's newly opened blossoms, this issue's inspired will put a Spring in your ceremony.

With the romantic season approaching, Bibi Magazine is delighted—yes, absolutely thrilled—to present the first ever issue to feature the sexiest South Asian gentlemen in America. These men, besides being provocatively beautiful, are immensely accomplished and intelligent and for all their progressive talents, they are, without doubt, icons of our generation. This issue—an annual Bibi trademark—expounds a theme never before explored in any South Asian periodical. Transgressing those traditionally set gender norms, it presents an avant-garde masculine focus on everything fashionable, from sensual silken Jodhpuri suits to sophisticated metro-sexual makeovers. Read about contemporary trends in groom’s décor including invitations, abstract cakes, arresting boutonnieres, and modern centerpiece and floral design. It even provides a glimpse into the private realms of devoted husbands and boyfriends, dispelling age-old quandaries like, “Why do men fall in love?” And with an intimate tête à tête with the world’s most exquisite woman, Aishwarya Rai, who reveals what she finds attractive in life and love, this issue will be a perfect read for both you and your valentine.

Content [FEATURES]

The Bibi Sexy Seven
 Seven of the sexiest South Asian men in America. Find out who they are and why Bibi chose them

Face 2 Face with Aishwarya Rai
 Perhaps one of the most arresting women in the world, this Bollywood beauty talks about her upcoming movies, her career beyond India, and what she looks for in a man

Why Do Men Fall in Love?
It’s a question we ask ourselves all the time. Now, men across the nation confess the little things that their special “she” did that got them hooked

Whittle Your Middle
Finally complete your New Year’s Resolution and lose that unwanted body fat with this low- down on diets and workouts

Adam & Eve Makeup and Products
Women's and men's products, including the most coveted his and her perfumes of the season


Patel Printing Plus, New Jersey


Karamacy Los Angeles (CD)


Grooming 101: Wedding and Reception ideas for the groom


Home Design
BOY TOYS! Chris Leary from Tech TV gives us a peek at the newest—coolest—gadgets for 2004 

The season's shade has been banished in this issue of Bibi Magazine: With gems and jewels adorning everything from highly wrought ornaments, courtesy of Highglow Jewelers, to antique-style saris, heavily embroidered with sequins, uncut semi-precious stones and highly reflective crystals beads, you'll be basking in the burnished brilliance of this age-old South Asian artistry. But although this issue appreciates the grandeur and substance of tradition, its principle theme is metamorphoses: Learn how to transform winter into a verifiable wedding wonderland with a few borrowed elements from a frosty garden; with international couture trends demonstrated on South Asian fashions, holiday clothing will shed their traditional stigma and attain an intercontinental appeal. Classic glamour is revived—and rejuvenated, infused with modern pieces of functional art like new-age shoes, makeup and home design. People too are transformed, and Bibi tells their story: Read about how one reader overcame a disparaging relationship and torrential cultural values and had a breast reduction, and then recovered feeling more confident than ever. With a little dazzle in all the right places, this issue is really about shedding your inhibitions and making your life, and your living area, the center of attention.

Content [FEATURES]

South Asian Jewelry: A Glimmer of the Past
Besides being glittering eye-catching accessories, every piece of jewelry has a function with its origins deeply embedded in eastern philosophy. Find out what they are and what they mean.


Face2 Face with Sukhwinder Singh The soft spoken Chaiyya Chaiyya artist reveals his thoughts on the future of Bollywood music.


12 Months of Endless Love Your 2004 resolution? Charm him with 12 months he'll never forget.


Had a Breast Reduction: The Memoirs of a Mammoplasty Patient
Read the intimate account of an anonymous South Asian, who conveys from the pages of her diary the hurdles she faces when she shuns the norm and undergoes plastic surgery.


Silent Lucidity  
Behold the magnificent of antique jewelry from Highglow Jewelers and sensual lehngas and saris from Sari Sapne's Sapna Boutique.


Holiday  Makeup and Products


The Sweetwater Country Club, Houston


A Feast of Roses (book) and Bappiwood Remixes (CD)


Holiday Winter Wonderland


Home Design
Lounge Wares, Modern Chairs

Clad in gold-oranges, electric fuchsia and shimmering parrot-greens, the new Bibi is all glammed-up for the eventful South Asian festival season this fall. Ornate with customary flair, yet urbane and varied in its approach, this issue places an extraordinary perspective on the opulent traditions from South Asian cultures. Beaded halter-cholis revive weighty silk kanjiavaram saris as fishnet-stockings jazz-up vibrant, glittering lehngas; a sheer-chiffon black sari adorned with tiny scintillating mirrors redefines the allure of the festival of lights in utterly provocative terms, and worn as armlets, navel-rings, and hair-ornaments, antiquated jewelry festooned with bejeweled, beaded strings evoke a folkloric appeal that's perfect for the season ahead. Products and bridal ideas in this issue feature innovation unbridled, inspired by flamboyant fall runways. And emerging from the glamour, on another level entirely, is the sophisticated wisdom of Karim Rashid, designer extraordinaire and a purveyor of the modernist way of life, where minimalism is integral. Motivated by Rashid's principle of 'addition by subtraction' the Home section features an article on the simplistic function and complex effects of good lighting. So sink into the festival season this fall, have fun with your friends and family, flirt at functions or feasts, and fill it with your own fashionable flair.

Content [FEATURES]

A Festival Forward
From Onam to Navratri, Diwali to Eid, this is festival season. Find out where they began and where they are going.


Flirtatious Confessions
Looking to find a new love, but don't know how to begin? Bibi readers share their favorite pick-up lines.

Bibi Festival Makeover
Go from ho-hum to traffic-stopping hot, hot, HOT!

Fall Into Festival
Sensual lights, sexy silhouettes, Khubsoorat and Desi Couture define the season

Face 2 Face with Karim Rashid
Design extraordinaire and purveyor of modern cultural style

Festival  Makeup and Products


SpotlightThe Bethwood, New Jersey

The Bandit Queen of India Phoolan Devi
with Marie-Therese Cuny and Raul Rabali

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.


Home Design
A Festival of Lights

Bibi Magazine makes a startling debut in the glamorous, urban-chic realm of large-format fashion publishing with a focus on Bollywood style. Read about how, influenced by antiquated South Asian flair, over-the-top glamour and sexuality of Bollywood is being redefined on the world's fashion runways. See the new, flamboyant designs in clothing and jewelry that have seeped into modern couture, thanks to classic films like Raja Hindustani, Rangeela and more prevalently, Devdas. Discover secrets of Bollywood celebrities like Rahul Khanna as he reveals all in an intimate face-to-face, and then read our notorious Forum as Bibi tackles the changing grace of sex after marriage and "Is it really all happily ever after?" This issue is utterly brazen—unashamedly sultry—a perfect read for summer-time thrill seekers.

Content [FEATURES]

Fashion's Love Affair with Bollywood
 Discover how Bollywood and South Asian designers are entering the international fashion market. From the red carpet to the runways, this collaboration is here to stay

The Winner's Circle
 Bibi picks Bollywood winners in the categories of Producer, Director, Film, Actor, Actress, Debut male/female actor, Music and Story.

Shades of Summer
Summer makeup, cooling hair-detangler, sultry fragrances, hip sunglasses and more, all hot products for summer.

Face 2 Face 
The progeny of two Bollywood greats and the sibling of yet another, heart-throb Rahul Khanna reveals his most intimate secrets in a Bibi-style interview. 

5 at $99
 Looking for a stylish party look, but don't have a lot of cash? Bibi takes you bargain shopping for delicious little South Asian outfits.

Forum: Happily Ever After? How Sex Changes After Marriage
Couples' tend to lose the steam in their sex lives after tying the knot. A Bibi investigation into the matter yields extraordinary reasons for why this happens. Dr. S. Rashid, a family therapist, gives pointers on how to spice up marital sex.

10 spot
Meet me at Savoy. Known for its exquisite designs and attention to style, Savoy has opened a glittering new location. Here to speak more on the vision of Savoy is the marketing guru of gold himself, Sulaiman.

10 Spot  
Elegant Affairs has built a reputation as a wedding design, floral and coordination firm. Now in its tenth year, Shobha Rao and Sharda Shenoy talk about their unique style in catering to South Asian weddings.

 Lights, Camera, Action! Fall in love with the delicate embroidery work and deep sensual shades of summer, and get ready to embrace these elegant, sassy collections from Sila and Kaneesha.com 

Bridal Inspired
Innovative ideas for the bride on her happiest hour: the Bridal Shower. Make personalized calendars counting down to the big event, play games,  whip up South Asian-inspired snacks and toast with the best champagne, or a Bibi-tini.

Bridal Invitation:
 Sharon Patel advises couples on how to avoid uninvited guests, and what to do if concerned that loved ones will be offended.

 Laura Dumschat and Chris Richter, and Sheetal Kothari and Jason Davitt

Pratham Galas and the fourth Artwalah Festivals in Los Angleles, June 26-29

In an era where fashion influences more than just clothing, the home is becoming more of an object of self-expression, style and display, bringing back the philosophies of the Victorian era where detail and display became pertinent factors in style. Bibi chronicles the trends and styles of modern day interior-design with an emphasis on Eastern motif.

Why Chai?
See why chai has become the drink de rigueur of the coffee house hipster.

 Ming's Spicy Coriander Soup, and a stylish, sexy, teenie-weenie Bibi-tini

Bibi Wedding Directory
Resources for the modern couple 

In this issue Bibi takes us all over South Asia to showcase traditional brides from each region. From Punjab to Kerala, each of these six brides represents the unique heritage of different ethnic groups. With dazzling jewelry and exquisite outfits this colorful spread is a feast for the eyes. Learn the four steps to a fulfilling life which teaches you how to set achievable goals and accomplish them. Is one of your goals a toner body? Read how to get a gorgeous body in six months. Or need a Hollywood fix? The "sex Guru" Jimi Mistry and his co-stars Heather Graham and Marisa Tomei share their experiences from their hit movie and try some sexual healing of your own by journeying to the sensual world of Tantric sex this issue with positions and potions to have great Spring sex!

Content [FEATURES]

Six Brides. The unique diversity of South Asian brides is apparent in its bridal attire. The clothes of Sahil Exclusive, Chicago mix tradition with a touch of modernity


The Body Beautiful: Six Months to a Gorgeous Body The technique, tools, and motivation you for need for beautiful skin and a toned body


Bibi's On the Runway 2003 The highlights of the Bibi's second annual New Year's Eve bash. The fashion, party, fun, entertainment and so much more!


Have your Cake and Mithai too East meets west in a delicious combination of South Asian sweets and classic cakes
 Wearable Flowers. Use your imagination to create fun and fashionable floral jewelry


letter the bridal issue


contributors who's who


inspired for memories sake


invitations your wedding wedsite with Sharon Patel


proposal an enchanting affair in Edison, NJ 


culture grand customs of Gujarati weddings  


proposal Jersey, Vegas and a double wedding


forum 4 steps to a fulfilling life


body the tantric journey


celebrity The Guru heals Hollywood


society what's hot, north, south, east and west


product spring makeup must haves, jewelry, and more


review art in action and 1000 Indian recipes


Bibi wedding directory resources for the modern couple


words a wedding juggle

This is Bibi's Annual Fashion Forecast issue. Find out which are the hottest boutiques in the country and who is carrying the trendiest South Asian wear. Watch out for mermaid lehngas, asymmetrical straps and more refined work and fabrics. The season's heating up with luscious red and maroon lehngas adorned with antique-style zardosi work. Fashion now is made to cross over into the American scene as South Asian clothes are perfectly at home in any club or party setting. After the fashion front, Bibi is talking about sex, or at least what you told us to say. Surprise, surprise, South Asian opinions on sex are a lot more liberal than we expected. Find out exactly what you are saying in this issue of Bibi Magazine.

Content [FEATURES]

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby Everything you wanted to know about South Asians and sex, but were afraid to ask


South Asian Fashionistas Meet the top designers of the South Asian fashion industries


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Elegant girls, burlesque dancers. exquisite eveningwear: Sahil Boutique has the right combination for night out

Fashion Forecast 2003 Bibi previews the fashion climate for the upcoming year

Ice Capades Make your wedding reception or party memorable with creative works of art in ice

letter winter, spring, summer, fall fashion

contributors who's who

inspired dazzle 'em with details

invitations timeline--the whens and whats with Sharon Patel

proposal an perfect picture, Caramel,  Indiana

culture Hyderabadi weddings  

body surrender yourself to massage

celebrity globetrotting with Lisa Ray

product bag and shoe fetish and color me red

forum  Laptop Love: caste no bar


Bibi events what's going on


bibitalk Shahzia's big ideas


review Bollywood by the book and Flavors


Bibi wedding directory resources for the modern couple

words Mom, Dad, I've decided that 14 is a good age for me to start dating, okay?

Get for ready for a season of sexy summer outfits. Think bohemian, think exotic, think lighter fabrics with attention to fine details. Add the perfect jeweled accents, fabulous hair and modern makeup and nothing could be more glam! Find out your summer look in this issue of Bibi Magazine full of inspirational details for fashion, jewelry, haircare, expert makeup and, of course, products. Make your summer events uniquely yours with decorating tips, summer sorbets and a twist of jaimala garlands! Personalize your invitations and check out our tips for the wedding night!

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Where's the Party, Yaar? Meet the stars of this new movie as they party in the latest evening wear


Summer Days, Sultry Nights Make this season extra hot with designer bridal wear from Khajana and custom-designed jewels from Bhindi Jewellers


The Mane Attraction Having a bad hair day? Check out what experts say about getting the tresses of your dreams


Encircle Your Love-A New Round of Garlands Flowers are an integral part of the wedding ceremony. Try these garlands ranging from classic to modern


Summer Sorbet Cool your tastebuds with these delicious sorbets that add charm to your special day


letter another beautiful bibi birthday


contributors who's who


inspired the wedding night


proposal a special production, New York City


culture Sri Lankan weddings, Buddhist traditions


invitations a personal touch with Sharon Patel


proposal a royal romance, New Jersey


market perspectives the advantages of annuities with Taseer A. Badar


forum sweet dreams, what do your dreams mean?


forum couple talk, real couples tell all


review colors of the bindu


celebrity Mumbai, Hollywood and galaxies far, far away with Ayesha Dharker


bibitalk Trish McEvoy: a stroke of magic


bibitalk Chitra Divakaruni: the voice of desire


on the runway fashion merchandising


escape Bali: island of the gods


product summer hair care and, oh my, gift time at Namaste.com


bibi wedding directory resources for modern couples


words the toast

Nothing says sexy than a body full of jewelry! This issue of Bibi contains the best of the best bridal jewelry. See which design houses have the finest collections across the country and bejewel yourself from head to toe this season. Also see what spring fashion has in store with lighter fabrics and body conscious cuts. Be a part of the leader in in South Asian-American bridal and fashion. Be a part of the best. Don't miss the new issue of Bibi Magazine! Subscribe today.

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Bibi's On the Runway 2002 New Year's Eve never looked so good. Bibi celebrates with fashion, dancing and fun

Toral Mehta: a Double Life Meet this New Yorker who is ready to sizzle on the Bollywood scr

Bridal Bejeweled Finding the right jewelry is essential for your wedding. Check out the country's newest pieces from the hottest designers

Industrial Revolution Combining flowers with ordinary objects, Ikebana artist Nilofar Hussain presents unique arrangements

Creative Confections Traditional wedding cakes can be personalized for a South Asian touch

inspired the ambiance of flowers

proposal a cross country and cross cultural event, Philadelphia

market perspectives with Taseer A. Badar

culture Marathi weddings

invitations floral trends with Sharon Patel

proposal a Long Island love tale

bibitalk Mira Nair's ode to Delhi

celebrity doc hollywood: actor Pavan Grover

body rejuvenate with yoga

face your best face forward

review look who's talking Houston and spiritually art

bibitalk the animism of jewelry artist Amin Guljee

product must have spring cosmetics and more

bibi wedding directory resources for the modern couple

words within the folds

We know you have been waiting...the annual Fashion Issue is out and full of fashion forecasts--lehngas, shalwar kameez, fusionwear--for 2002. We have the hottest clothes from the hottest boutiques in the country, just in time for your upcoming soirees. Crave saris? Then see the sexy fashion spread of Sari Seasons. You've ne ver seen saris like this before. But wait, there is more! Bridal makeovers, Anand Jon, Kareena Kapoor, trends, fashion shows, advice, flowers, mithai...whatever you are looking for, you will find it in this issue of Bibi. Be a part of the leader in in South Asian-American bridal and fashion. Be a part of the best. Don't miss this sexy issue of Bibi Magazine! Subscribe today.

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The Art of Zardosi Exotic, ornate, magnificent. The regal history of this exquisite embroidery that has everyone wanting more

Sari Seasons Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. The saris of Sari Sapné have it all!

Bridal Best 2002 Getting married in the coming year? Here's the forecast for 2002. Check out the country's hottest new designs from the hottest boutiques

Tranquility and Zen Bring serenity and harmony into your life with Fatima Rauf's zen-inspired floral arrangements

Mithai Melange Let your mithai creation be the talk of the party! The possibilities are endless

inspired gifts for the bride and groom

culture Ismaili weddings

invitations hot trends with Sharon Patel

market perspectives with Taseer A. Badar

forum my first year of marriage

face mirror, mirror on the wall

celebrity Kareena: the Kapoor dynasty's heir apparent

bibi wedding directory resources for the modern couple

bibitalk designer Anand Jon's aoracle

tribute a few words of strength

Happy Birthday Bibi! As we celebrate our first year of publication, you will discover what today's concept of beauty is with this issue of Bibi Magazine. With two beauty queens on the cover, inside you will find pages of gorgeous summer lehngas and shalwar kameez from New York, Chicago, California and Texas. Bridal and fashion wear has never looked sexier. See the cast of American Desi in true Hollywood, er, Bollywood style as Purva, Kal and Sunita dress through ages of the silver screen. This issue of Bibi also has six different makeup looks to try no matter what your skintone may be and this summer's hottest trend…nail art! An in-depth interview with supercrooner Sonu Nigam, a trip south to Romantic Mexico, an Inspried Summer Buffet and beautiful body flowers and heavenly halwas round out this anniversary issue. Art and book reviews, Bibitalk interviews and the most beautiful weddings add the final touch. Don't miss the best Bibi issue ever! Subscribe today.

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Uptown, Downtown: Bridal Style
New York: Uptown style, downtown sensibility. Two guys, two girls and endless possibilities

Reel American Desis
California: You've seen the movie, now the see the cast in Hollywood, er, Bollywood style

Summer Chic(ago)
Chicago: When the heat rises, see what the Windy City offers for summer chic

What is Beauty?
Perceptions, temptations and affectations. What is your concept of beauty? Six different looks to try

Nailing Art
Where can you find the latest masterpiece? On your nails, of course. Just in time for summer

Hanging Gardens
Need some body jewelry? Try these floral fascinations

Heavenly Halwas
A family affair and a centuries old tradition. Delicious treats to try for the bridal minded

inspired an outdoor summer buffet

invitations Sharon Patel gets creative

culture weddings of Kerala

body pump up bhangra style

bibitalk the merchants of beauty, SUNDÃRI's Ayla Hussain

celebrity supercrooner, Sonu Nigam

escape romancing Mexico

bibitalk the beauty of South Asian dance, Rathna Kumar

review books, entertainment and art right now

words you can't escape the M-word by Anisha Vyas

Fashion, celebrity, diamonds, hairstyles and lots of outrageous fun! That is what you will find in the Spring 2001 issue of Bibi! We have Sarita Choudhury on the cover, Anoushka Shankar inside, Shah Rukh Khan, Bally Sagoo, A.R. Rahman, Nisha Ganatra, and Vikram Chatwal; all important, all inspiring. Harmonize your soul through Vastu, address the issues of modern day South Asian women, learn about yourself. This magazine is all about you…see the contents and decide for yourself! On sale until July 1, 2001.

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NEW: Getting Married? Check out the new Bibi Wedding Directory in the Spring 2001 Issue!


STRAIGHT UP It's your moment. Don't settle for the ordinary. These dramatic bridal up-dos will get you noticed

LIGHTS, CAMERA, SARITA! With two major movies releasing in 2001, Sarita Choudhury takes a modern TIME out

DADDY'S LITTLE SITARA Sitar protegée Anoushka, daughter of legendary sitarist and composer Ravi Shankar, dresses in Anand Jon and proves that she's all grown up

ALL THAT GLITTERS... A girl's best friend; the ultimate accessory. Nothing should come between a woman and her diamonds

GIRLS NIGHT OUT Leave the boys at home, it's time for the girls to play! Fishnets, stilettos, wigs and lehngas add to the fun

A RUBAIYAT OF FLOWERS The poetry of Omar Khayyám inspires romantic, spring centerpieces

INDIVIDUAL TASTES Tiny, savory treats. Surprise your guests with these novel ideas for mithai

inspired those little things that make your wedding unforgettable

culture south asian muslim weddings

inviting solutions Sharon Patel addresses awkward situations

forum a place of her own

culture living in harmony with vastu

bibitalk making Time with Vikram Chatwal

celebrity superstar Shah Rukh Khan

celebrity A.R. Rahman brands Bollywood on Broadway

bibitalk Nisha makes Chutney

escape it's not a mirage—it's Vegas!

bibi wedding directory resources for modern couples

celebrity Bally Sagoo's innovation fascination

Whatever you are looking for in South Asian fashion and culture, you will find it in Bibi. This issue of Bibi features the latest lehngas and shalwar kameez, makeovers, jewelry, wedding ideas and hot trends. We also have celebrity interviews with Abhishek Bachchan, Daler Mehndi, and Madhur Jaffrey. This magazine is all about you…see the contents and decide for yourself! .

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THE BIBI LAUNCH PARTY A night of fashion, fun and fantasy as Bibi presents itself to the world at its official launch

REAL MAKEOVERS Three women, three lifestyles and three Bibi makeovers. Go ahead, choose one and adapt to your own style

DESERT ROSE Amidst sand dunes and desert skies, the lehngas and sherwanis of Imaaj Studio Line flash in an oasis of color

LOUNGE PARTY/LOUNGE WEAR Looking for something to wear at home? South Asian designer Alia Khan shares her intimate apparel

CLASSIC BLACK South Asian fashion and culture at its very best. The classic black dress: perfect everywhere

URBAN REALITIES With so much beauty around us, we forget the serious threat of HIV/AIDS to the South Asian fabric. SAAAIDS promotes the cause through a series of glamorous photos

WINTER WHITE Winter weddings mean winter flowers. We have two pristine arrangements that will warm up your guests

SUGAR AND SPICE Mithai finally finds its place in the spotlight. Bibi shows how to take it from understated to unbelievable

BHANGRA AS USUAL Daler Mehndi: bhangra as usual

THE NEW BACHCHAN ...yes! Abhishek

BIBITALK Celebrity chef Madhur Jaffrey shares her recipe for a successful life

Whether you are getting married or are about to attend a wedding or just simply want to look stunning, Bibi is the magazine for you. This issue of Bibi, the print magazine, covers everything from achieving beautiful skin to the newest ways to wear your veil. Take a look at the contents and see for yourself.

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A MIDSUMMER'S DREAM Glamour is in. Bibi captures the demure bride in an expression of her private dream sequence

THE JEWELS OF KHAJANA Khajana Boutique draws open its glass doors for a jewel-toned look at bridal fashion. Dolly Patel's treasure chest full of rich lehngas covered in intricate fabric work will enthrall you

NOT JUST A MIRAGE An alternative view of ethnic appeal with a bohemian twist. Shrinking violets need not apply!

JUNOON The hottest South Asian rock band shares personal thoughts while meditating in the latest menswear

SHADES OF SUMMER Summer floral arrangements guaranteed to make your special occasion as delightful as you dreamed

HAVE YOUR CAKE [AND EAT IT TOO] Houston baker Linda Kay shows why the wedding cake is second only to the bride. Her creative confections will have you wondering whether two cakes rather than one would be an appropriate gesture

YOUNG BOLLYWOOD TALK ABOUT THEIR WEDDINGS Bobby Deol, Saif Ali Khan and Malaika share their special stories.

THE GHAZAL SAMRAT Jagjit Singh gives his opinions and advice

BIBITALK Bapsi Sidhwa and An American Brat