by Ranga Iyer

preity2Rubbing shoulders with Jackie Chan, hosting Moscow Horror Film Festival, being a lead in an award winning short (The Hug), endorsing popular brands including, Villa Thea resorts in Mykonos, Greek islands, Orion SPA in Thailand, Chloe and Isabel jewelry and last but not the least winning the tile of Miss India International 2012.

This list of achievement is just a curtain raiser in the ocean of career plans Preity Uupala has.

She is an actor, producer, entrepreneur and a model— all achieved within three years of landing in the US.

Uupala, a firm believer in destiny realized corporate world was not for her and gave up her job as an investment banker in Australia.

One day, while traveling on a train in Australia, a co-passenger said to her, ‘You have the face of a seeker and you still have not found it.’ That co-passenger was in a way instrumental in pointing her towards a yoga center, “I started meditating and doing yoga. and the answers came to me.”

“I knew I wanted to be a part of showbiz. And did not want to wait to be 40 or a 50 year old and then say, ‘I am going for it. I believe it just happened at the right time.”

That decision set the ball rolling for Uupala. “I enrolled myself into an acting school in Sydney and went for a casting call. I was offered this scholarship for a film academy in New York. It was a short course with an opportunity to extend.”

Most happenings in her life have occurred without major planning. Uupala, who lives in Los Angeles says, “I take most pride in the fact that, I have moved by myself here. I had lots of confidence, dreams and lots of courage. Did not know how it will all go, but knew it will all work out for me. It has been magical because I did not plan.”

On the day of the interview Uupala has worked on a shoot for National Geographic Documentary, followed by a chat on the phone with her mother in Australia.

This doting daughter has this to say about her parents, “Ultimately, I am more interested in their blessings and their happiness.”

Parents, they say, are the happiest to see their children succeed. But in Uupala’s case, she is proud and extremely happy to see her parents enjoy her success and achievements.

She feels happy when they tell her about the parties they get invited to because of Uupala’s success.

Born and raised in Dubai, Uupala was a teenager when her family moved to Paris for two years and then to Australia.  A non-smoker, vegetarian and teetotaler, Uupala says her parents are happy with the way she has shaped and channelized her life.

As it is aptly described in one of her publicity video, Uupala is a combination of grace and talent from the east and power from the west.

She takes a moment to explain about the different professional hats she wears.

preity1As an entrepreneur she is handling the marketing of her own brand, that of being a model, an actor and a producer.

“I am impatient therefore will self-start or reach out. Because if I can’t get it, will have to do it myself. I like progress and action and do not like to wait. Is it doable myself? Then why not?”

September and October Uupala is busy with shooting for movies in London. Followed by a trip to Thailand where she is part of the Indian Delegate as well as a judge for the Asian Pacific Festival.

Uupala’s future plans include getting work in Hollywood, Bollywood, television and commercials.

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