Pardesby Ranga Iyer

It does not matter whether love is expressed through email, SMS, or love letters, it will remain timeless.

Here are a few scenes from Hindi films selected for the moment the hero/heroine express their love.

It is only after selecting the movies I realized that, three out of four movies listed are Shahrukh Khan starrers. Well, romance in Hindi films is synonymous with Khan, therefore I think it is justified.

Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna has many romantic moments. Let us focus on just two for now. Shahrukh Khan knows that he has fallen for Rani Mukerji the very first time he meets Mukerji sitting in the garden in her bridal finery. Khan is a married man and has a son when he first meets Mukerji. That stops him from expressing his love to Mukerji, who is getting married to Abhishek Bachchan.

A few reels later, in the middle of the night, standing in the Philadelphia Railway Station Khan finally expresses his true feelings for Mukerji. Mukerji is confused and does not know she has fallen for him up until the moment when Khan tells her he is planning to stop taking train and buy a blue car to travel in. And asks her if she likes the colour blue. Khan departs and Mukerji is left thinking, suddenly it dawns upon her that she equally loves him. Mukerji runs after him and announces, “I like blue.” And thus they express their love for each other.

Silsila, Rekha-Amitabh-Jaya starrer has romantic moments sprinkled all over the movie. But the most memorable one is, where Amitabh Bachchan invites Rekha to watch his play/award ceremony and recites a shayari

Bachchan loves Rekha but sacrifices his love and marries Jaya Bhaduri to save her honour. Rekha too gets married to Sanjeev Kumar. The lovers meet suddenly and their love for each other, which was buried because of circumstances, resurfaces. Bachchan tells Rekha he wants to spend/share his life with her and forget about society etc. and for his felicitation, Bachchan asks Rekha to attend the festival and recites this verse Tu Kisi Aur Ki Raaton Ka Hasseen Chand Sahi… Meri Duniya Ke Hur Rang Mei Shamil Tu Hai… publicly while his wife, Bhaduri is asked to stay at home by Bachchan.

Devdas—Aishwarya-Shahrukh-Madhuri starrer—this movie is for lovers, how can one select few moments of tenderness and love expressions? Yet, there is one scene that remains etched in the mind. Aishwarya Rai, childhood friend comes to meet the London returned Shahrukh Khan and enquires about the city and asks if he ever missed home, family and friends. Khan names everyone except Rai. When she asks if he ever remembered her during his stay in London, he says no and Rai lists out the number of times she has read his few letters, how she kept Khan alive in her memory every second in the decade he was away, etc. Khan, who has actually been teasing her tells Rai that there were moments when he would remember her, Rai turns around and asks him about those moments and Khan says, “I remembered you every time I took a breath.”

Mahima Chaudhary and Shahrukh Khan in Pardes express their love in a very traditional manner. Though Khan loves Chaudhary, she is unaware of it. Chaudhary is engaged to a boy born and raised in the USA. The boy smokes, drinks and dates other girls, a fact which is hidden from her by Khan who works for the boy’s family. Chaudhary’s fiancé takes her to Las Vegas and tries to force her into having sex with him. She is shocked and asks Khan to take her home to India.

Khan feels it is his obligation to protect Chaudhary’s honour and takes her to India. This infuriates the fiancé and his family and they reach India to take Chaudhary back to USA. A fight ensues and Khan is confronted about his relationship with Chaudhary and that is when he declares his love for her by saying (Agar ganga ki hifaazat karna pyar hain, toh hain.) “If protecting Ganga’s honour means that I love her, then I love her.”

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