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David Tutera, prominently known for being the leading celebrity wedding and events planner, is about to plan… his own wedding! If you didn’t know already, he recently became engaged to his longtime partner Joey Toth. The couple met through David’s daughter Cielo’s godmother, Abby. We featured David’s wedding planning insight in our 2016 Bibi Bridal Annual and wanted to learn more about his upcoming nuptials, as we look forward to following their wedding planning adventures.

When did you know that Joey was “the one,” and you wanted to propose?

My life is so hectic and crazy, and he just grounds me… he just has this energy about him that creates peace. We both are sort of the opposite of each other, yet we complete each other. He’s kind, incredibly patient, and so amazing to my daughter, Cielo. It’s magical, and it’s everything I have ever wished and wanted for, so it’s beautiful! And after three years together, I couldn’t be more excited to marry him.

How long did it take you to plan the proposal and why did you choose Hawaii?

I was actually planning it for a while and decided to do it while Joey, Cielo, and I were vacationing in Hawaii for my birthday. The three of us love the beach so I decided that’s where I was going to propose–it was an unforgettable birthday to say the least!

David Tutera and his fiancé, Joey Toth. Image Credit: EKPR

Can you please share with us how you proposed?

I came up with a secret strategy with my three-year-old daughter, Cielo, who helped with the proposal. I scoped out a location in Hawaii in the days leading up to it and found a beach on sacred land that had been blessed by a high priest. So myself, Cielo, and Joey had just come off of a helicopter ride into a volcano and were already on a high from that experience. We got to this location, then I said, “Let’s sit down,” and I told Joey to take his sunglasses off because I knew he didn’t know what was going on. So I started to speak to him about how much he meant to us, how happy he makes me, and how excited I am about our journey to move forward. I was so nervous; I had practiced with Cielo for the whole week. I said [to Cielo], “I want you to learn how to say, ‘Will you marry us?'” Finally, I said, “Ok, Cielo, say what you want to say…?” And she looked at him in his eyes and said, “Will you marry us?” He started to cry, I started to cry, and his hands started to shake. I got on my knee, and did it the old fashioned way. He immediately said “yes.” It was so beautiful!

When is the wedding?

April 1, 2017

David and Joey’s wedding invitations for Saturday, April 1, 2017 in Los Angeles. Image Credit: EKPR

David, you are the wedding guru, super planner – who are you entrusting to plan your wedding? What is it like planning your own wedding, since you have been planning weddings for high profile couples and celebrities?

Me, myself and I… I only trust myself. I’ve changed my mind about a thousand times already! I’m turning into the bride I tell my client’s not to be.

Where are you planning on getting married? Will it a destination wedding or will it be in Los Angeles?

We will be getting married in Los Angeles.

What are some of the wedding planning rules that you have been following?

There’s one thing I’ve always said to my clients, and now I’m really understanding it very clearly: You always want to tell a story of who you are as a couple. There are a lot of details that are incredibly important, not just for me as a wedding planner, but for us. We’re doing a lot of things that haven’t been done before, and it’s important to me that we do it the right way—and our way.

How are you enjoying planning your wedding?

It’s incredibly exciting–Joey and I love doing all of the planning together. He is laid back, but also very involved and so organized. He enjoys creating a good spreadsheet and I enjoy envisioning the artistic design. We definitely have different opinions as to what’s important, which I like, so we can tackle parts individually and then collectively. For him, music is incredibly important, as is the food and venue, while I’m all about the visuals. We’re both having so much fun with it!

What are you doing to relax and stay stress free during the planning?


Can you give us any hints on the guest list?

No hints, sorry.

Most men get so nervous and stressed out about proposing that they put it off or their plans don’t go the way they envision – do you have any advice for them?

Be true to your love story and who you are as a couple. Most people get so nervous because they get all caught up in trying to pull off some crazy, over-the-top proposal with a million moving parts–when really, they should just make it about what is true and memorable to the couple. Don’t over think it and don’t over plan it–flash mobs aren’t a necessity!

Any advice for the ladies who are eagerly waiting for the perfect proposal and ring?

Believe it or not, I meet so many ladies who attend my Your Wedding Experience event all over the country who are not engaged–some who are getting a head start on inspiration and planning for when the ring comes and others who haven’t even found Mr. Right yet! There’s definitely something for everyone, that’s for sure. But my advice–just be patient, enjoy your relationship, and don’t get stressed or caught up… it’s not a race, your day will come and it will be perfect.

And most importantly, what are you wearing and who is the designer?

It’s in the works! I am currently working with my stylist Monique on all of the wedding fashion.

David Tutera and Bibi Magazine’s Zeb Mamsa at the Your Wedding Experience show in Houston, Texas last year.

For more behind-the-scenes scoop on David Tutera’s wedding plans, follow the couple’s wedding hashtag #DavidandJoeyTieTheKnot on social media where they document their entire wedding planning journey from start to finish!

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