Today marks #InternationalKissingDay!

Forget the distance and prepare to send kisses to loved ones (far and near) as Japan’s largest beauty brand, Shiseido, launches their premiere interactive, digital experience titled “Rouge Rouge Kiss Me.”

Created as a collaboration between Tokyo-based creative firm TeamLab and their collective–an interdisciplinary group that includes CGI animators, engineers, mathematicians, architects, editors, programmers, and graphic designers–the interactive, digital game inspires customer engagement through a virtual kiss.

To participate:

1) Visit the website, scan the QR code with your smartphone or use the URL to invite/share with your friend or loved one – it doesn’t matter where they live, as long as they have a smartphone! (You can invite users through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, or Twitter.)

2) Once your friend or loved one receives the link via text message or e-mail, clicks it, and both people arrive at the website – choose a Rouge Rouge color (from Shiseido’s 16-color Rouge Rouge lipstick collection, retails for $28), then hit the “start” button.

3) Wait for the countdown to begin. Then, simultaneously send a kiss to your individual smartphones (you’ll have to hold a kiss for three seconds), et voila… that creates an animated, personalized “Kiss Monster” that you can download as a .gif or .jpg format and share digitally over a text message, e-mail, and/or social media platforms.

As the brand’s global creative director, Ruba Abu-Nimah states, “… we have been able to create a fun, engaging, and shareable game that connects users – and they don’t even have to be in the same country to take part. We have produced realistic color-rendering in real time, and have added a sense of play for the consumer to enjoy.”

Rouge Rouge Kiss Me is a recently launched opportunity for Shiseido to keep creating innovative and exemplary products; such a standard has defined the brand for the last 140 years.

Seal it with a kiss and join the movement: #RougeRougeKissMe.

Photo Credit: Beauty Seen PR


By: Valerie McPhail

Instagram & Twitter: @valerieamcphail

Valerie is a recent New York City gal. She moved to the city after graduating college from Mount St. Mary’s University, where she found her passion for fashion. Since then, Valerie has been published online, in newspaper print, and you can read her work in our 2016 Bibi Bridal Annual.

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