From left: Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Falguni Shane

From left: Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Falguni Shane

Las Vegas proudly hosts some of the best nightclubs in the world. XS, Tryst and the Encore beach club, are just some of the glamorous offering this ostentatious city provides for its many locals and tourists making it an excellent destination for an exciting honeymoon.

This glamour comes at a cost however, with strict dress codes implemented in almost all of the clubs. For a city so well known for its gambling, the biggest gamble is often picking the dress attire that will most impress.

There are some definite no-no’s however. Baggy jeans, sports hats, shorts, jerseys, beanies… you get the picture. The aim is to master the art of looking ‘casually formal’, a contradiction yes, but with some practice – and trial and error, it can be achieved.

Collared shirts are a popular and safe choice made my many men who visit these clubs, but this style doesn’t represent the sort of gamble needed to really stand out.

Jorge Vega Umana / Vardama

Jorge Vega Umana / Vardama

Dark suits and blazers often work best on men, with visible yet subtle branding helping to act in line with the classy Vegas theme. Slim fit suits with unique details from Jorge Vega Umana for Vardama are a good choice, particularly as many of the fabrics used in the line are stain-resistant. Shoes are often best personally fitted, with cow leather a stylish and popular choice. Whilst ties and bow-ties are not essentially then can give you an edge in a competitive environment, and allow for a little bit of colour in between the dark attire.

For women the choice is wider, making the gamble of picking the right dress just that bit harder. A cocktail mini dress with a pair of wedge-heeled dress sandals is often a good choice. Form-fitting dresses with heels accented with a small wristlet are an easy choice.

If heading to one of the day-pool parties such as the Encore Beach Club at Wynn Encore or Rehab at the Hard Rock Cafe, think glamour all the way. Designer sunglasses and swimsuits are an absolute must. A stylish cover up for women, and a linen shirt for men, rounds out your look. Don’t forget the accessories like silver hoop earrings, belly chain or waterproof wrist watch.

In these night clubs there are often roulette wheels and gambling facilities, so it is very important that your style sense does not completely sacrifice mobility and functionality. Heels should not be too ‘extreme’ and allow the ability for women to walk from roulette wheels to poker tables easily to place their bets. Whilst in the competitive gambling action, men should look to find a suitable place to put their blazers, to avoid becoming too hot and sweaty, which could impact on their money making performance. If you fancy a bit of casino action in your home and can’t make it to the slot machines of Vegas, then is a great site, or for Australian’s is a good choice.

Once the clubbing and red or black picking is over, Vegas also offers some luxury hotels and world-class entertainment including the likes of Britney Spears and Berlinda Carlisle to round of a hectic night, making it an ideal choice for a honeymoon.

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