‘Tis the season to get married,
Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la!

Holidays are a great time to have a wedding. The snowy scenery and festive Christmas decorations make for some beautiful wedding themes. The key is to subtly incorporate holiday elements into the wedding without going over the top so that it’s still your special day with hints of the holidays.

We asked South Asian wedding planners for some ideas on color schemes, entertainment, decor and food that make for great holiday weddings.

Color Scheme
Jignasa Patel from KI Weddings:
“There are two ways you can go about doing colors for a wedding in the winter time, especially during Christmas. The obvious route would be going for more of your whites, reds, and greens, keeping true to the holiday season. The other route you can go for is more nontraditional with a darker color scheme: deeper maroons and other dark colors. It’s an upcoming theme where brides like to go a little bit more dramatic and those darker hues really do bring out the festive side, but in a more elegant way.”

Nina Shah Patel from Kis Cubed Events:
“A great way of incorporating the winter and holiday season into décor without going over the top would be to have an all white and metallic theme. All white décor can be super posh and chic but timeless simultaneously. Having pretty white orchids and pops of feathers in the centerpieces would be great! Pops of metallic would really tie up the décor to give it the holiday spirit couples are looking for. Try mixing metallic- silver, gold, rose gold, copper; all mixed together can be beautiful!”

Eram Pirani Hussein from L3 Events Services:
“The color scheme and theme you decide to go towards can change the look of the wedding to make it more of a winter wedding. You can do blue and white to depict the winter wonderland theme. For decor, have a glass with clear marbles in it to make it look like ice. Then, have everything on the dessert table be blue and white with icing and frosting.”

Chandani Chandekar from Events by C:
“The way things look make a difference, but it’s also really about how you make the guests feel during the holiday season. So, a personalized holiday greeting card for each guest helps to keep the holiday spirit. Another idea is to have a mistletoe booth instead of a photo booth, or along with it.”

Preeti Vasudeva from Preeti’s Exclusive:
“For entertainment, who doesn’t like some elves and a Santa. It can definitely be a little more upscale than that–having a sleigh for people to leave their gifts and envelopes there. A photo booth would also be super fun with holiday props, like Rudolph’s nose and Santa’s hat.”

“The main idea for South Asian holiday weddings is to have a fusion of the holidays, with current trends and South Asian décor. You can incorporate a lot of elements of Christmas, like suspended ornaments and wreaths into the mandan design as a backdrop or hanging from the ceiling. Even incorporating things like candy canes helps the festive mood.” – Chandani Chandekar from Events by C

“Hot chocolates and s’mores stations are really popular around this time of year. For those who drink, typically eggnogs are good. To add some South Asian food, you can have two styles of pani puri, one with alcohol and one without, to warm up the guests.” – Jignasa Patel from KI Weddings

Destination Holiday Weddings
“For couples wanting to do something different for their wedding, a destination wedding at a tropical location during the holidays is a great idea. It would give couples and families a chance to escape the cold weather and enjoy some sunshine. I think destinations like Aruba, Costa Rica, and Jamaica are awesome locations for couples that want a place that has something to offer to all of their guests. Although for those brides that are trying to find budget-friendly options, Cancun or Mexico in general is always the way to go.” – Nina Shah Patel from Kis Cubed Events

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