Exclusive Interview with Geetanjali Singh, designer of Reshma Shetty’s Wedding Dress

Reshma Shetty and Geetanjali SinghHere’s what Geetanjali had to say about her experience working with Reshma.

So tell us how it all started?

Reshma and her stylist were introduced to my collection at a private viewing at Shaadi Studio before I had actually met them in person. They were looking for an outfit for her on screen wedding on Royal Pains and I was thrilled they had selected one of my creations!

That’s awesome! How did it feel to be selected and have your outfits featured on a highly watched TV Series?

I was delighted and was looking forward to seeing Reshma in one of my designs.  It gave me a platform to showcase my work through such a perfect celebrity for the first time.

Tell us how this Wedding Tips video come about?

During this entire process Reshma Shetty narrowed down the best of vendors in each category to inform the masses on how to put a South Asian wedding together. The USA Network team contacted me in regards to shooting for this webisode and I was very happy to be a part of it.

How did she end up choosing you to design her actual wedding reception outfit?

A couple of months after I had worked on the outfit to be worn on Royal Pains, I received a call  from her wedding coordinator Sonal Shah who told me that Reshma was interested in meeting me and seeing my work. Finally we arranged to meet at one of my locations and we clicked immediately! I understood very clearly what she wanted in a dress and it was comforting to have her give me enough leeway to create something very original.

Wow that’s pretty impressive that she trusted your work so quickly.

Well, she did want to see a toil construction for the cut, and embroidery sample for the color and details. Reshma approved the wedding dress’s construction into its final stage. We met again when the outfit arrived and she absolutely loved it! We ended up working on her fiancee’s, Deep Katdare of Bollywood Dreams, traditional sherwani as well.

Well thank you Geetanjali, and we wish you the best for the future. Do you have any suggestions for Brides to be in regards to choosing their perfect wedding outfit?

The one suggestion is comfort. Wear a bridal piece not just to go along with current trends, wear a bridal piece that represents your personality and be comfortable.



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