Following the trend of Bollywood remaking popular Tollywood movies, director Susi Ganesh has gone one step further by remaking his own original hit, Thiruttu Payale (2006) into a 2013 Bollywood flick, Shortcut Romeo.

Starring Neil Nitin Mukesh, Ameesha Patel and Miss India Universe 2007 Puja Gupta, Shortcut Romeo is about a young lothario who chances upon a couple engaging in an extramarital affair. Quick to video the situation, Suraj (Mukesh) realizes the woman in question, Monica (Patel) belongs to a rich husband. He consequently sets up a blackmailing scheme so that he may live the high life through her wealth. One of his exploits is a vacation to Kenya where he chances upon Sherry (Gupta) and they fall in love. What ensues is a topsy turvy, twisted plot with plenty of action and romance that will have you questioning what is more important, love or money.

“I wanted to remake the film so that it appeals to wider audiences,” says Ganesh. “It’s a good story and I’m very satisfied with the final shape of the film. Romance is there, action is there, thriller is there.”

It is Gupta’s first time working with Ganesh and she adds, “It was a challenge for me coming to a film like this. I am still learning acting I am still learning character. But Susi has been very supportive. Working with a newcomer, he has been really patient with me. I am blessed to have this film and to be able to work with Susi.”

susi1Patel, on the other hand, was left “emotionally drained” after filming Shortcut Romeo. “It’s the most challenging role I’ve done,” said Patel. “For every scene, I had to bring out my ‘inner demon’. I’d be so exhausted afterwards; I had no energy to do anything.”

With plenty of well-choreographed fight scenes, sexy dance numbers and a catchy soundtrack courtesy of Himesh Reshammiya, Shortcut Romeo promises to be a true Bollywood spectacle.

The film debuted at Cannes to strong reviews and will be releasing worldwide on June 21, 2013.






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