Look like a celebrity in this wedding attire for men and boys that is both super stylish and very well priced. From bold prints that demand attention at the reception to well-tailored tuxes and suits for both men and boys, we think you’ll like our Groom’s Lookbook.

Perfect Tux

With a wide selection of suits, tuxedos, dinner jackets and accessories, Perfect Tux offers styles that fit right in at a South Asian wedding. Many styles also emulate runway and red carpet looks. Here are some of our favorite wedding attire for men.









Blue and Yellow Floral Dinner Jacket, $159.99

Purple and Gold Tuxedo Jacket, $169.99

Silver and Blue Slim Fit Blazer, $159.99

Vintage Black Suit, $152

And don’t forget your mini me’s… These boys suits are well-tailored and perfectly priced as wedding attire for boys.



Navy Windowpane Suit, $159

Tibetan Red Velvet Suit, $161

Charcoal Pinstripe Suit, $159

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