chakrapaniYou’ve finally found the one! Congratulations, but instead of calling your mom, we suggest first calling an astrologer. Consulting an astrologer when you are getting married (or for any major life decision) is something that most South Asians do without even questioning the reason behind it. Astrology is quite simply a very normal part of most Indian lives. But what role does astrology really play in the marriage process? We spoke with Chakrapani, a renowned Vedic astrologer who has made a career as an astrological advisor.

Born in India, Chakrapani comes from a long line of astrologers. “It was our family business,” says the man. He remembers his childhood home filled with astrologers, swamis and sages along with their followers. “I remember sitting with my father at age seven when he was with a client and learning how he talked.”

It was the sixties and the Beatles were roaming India and transcendental meditation was all the rage in the States. The young Chakrapani was taken under the tutelage of Swami Mukhtananda, the founder of Siddhi Yoga and author of a number of spiritual books. There he delved into his craft and started taking on clients. In 1979, after completing his education as a lawyer in India (as a fall back career as he says) Chakrapani moved to California and has remained there since. He credits many well-knowns and celebrities amongst his clientele including names such as the late Michael Jackson and George Harrison. Although he has been practicing Vedic astrology for over 50 years, he still considers himself a student of the practice.

When is comes to marriage, Chakrapani is often called upon to choose an auspicious date for the ceremony. He charts both horoscopes of the prospective couple and gives them the most favorable time and date that could lead to a successful marriage. Other times, he will check the compatibility of a couple and pinpoint any areas of conflict as well those of harmony. Having this knowledge prior to going in to a marriage can greatly help a couple adjust to each other and their new roles as spouses. He’ll rarely tell a couple to split up, but he will advise them of precautions they can take. “I remember one time in India,” says Chakrapani, “a very rich man came to me wanting to marry this girl. After I did his charts, I saw trouble, but I didn’t tell him to not marry her. I told him to get a pre-nuptial agreement.” Six years later, the man divorced and was grateful that he had listened to Chakrapani in the beginning.

We’re not saying that an astrologer will free your life of heartache and turmoil, we are just suggesting that having access to more knowledge can help you in creating the successful relationship you are hoping for. After all, if love is written in the stars…why not consult a person who knows how to chart them?

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