Vendor Spotlight: Roger Lipson, Shaadi Ki Shehnai

When Roger Lipson first started piano lessons as child, he had no idea that he would eventually make a name for himself as a musician, and as a life-long devotee of Indian classical music at that. Today, he is the talent behind his company, Shaadi Ki Shehnai, which provides a realm of Indian classical and […]

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Indian Gay Couple Among 100's Wed in New York

By Aseem Chhabra for’s Aseem Chhabra witnessed the reflection of the struggle for equal marriage rights for gay and lesbians in New York city on Sunday where over hundred same-sex couples took their vows. Among the couples was an Indian American couple too. Navin Dargani and Navin Manglani have been together as a […]

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Henna Cakes

Nothing says “modern South Asian wedding” than the successful fusion of two ancient bridal conditions: henna and cake. Henna artist Sandy Patangay of NYC-bases Henna Studio is not only known for her intricate patterns on the body, but this inspired artist is also making a name by brandishing her art on a more edible canvas: […]

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