mitutto2The wedding is over, all the registry gifts have been delivered and you’ve opened your last box. As you look around all the sparkly new appliances and dishware, you grasp that you now have more “stuff” than space? Your small, one-bedroom apartment’s kitchen is overflowing with gadgets and you quickly realize that unless you build-in more shelving (not possible in a rental), your appliances are just not going to fit on your counter.

Forget stuffing your blender deep into the back of your closet never to be seen again. In today’s smoothie-filled world, ease your counter space with the Miallegro MiTutto Immersion Blender. This hand-held blender will replace at least three of your appliances–blender, food processor and hand mix—with it’s powerful 550 watt, five-speed with turbo option motor, the MiTutto can mix, blend, crush, chop, grind, whip and puree just about anything, including frozen ice (margerita, anyone?). The appliance comes with 4 changeable blades, a whisk attachment, a blending cup, a chopper container and best of all, a wall mount. Attach the MiTutto to you wall and clear up much needed counter space while still keeping the indispensible appliance close at hand. With its stylish, ergonomic design and white with a bright pop of color (blueberry or kiwi) look, the MiTutto adds a touch of gourmet sophistication to your kitchen.

Release your inner chef with the MiTutto: make breakfast smoothies directly in a glass, instantly blend up some fresh salsa, whip up fluffy pancakes, puree daal directly in its stove-top pot, or tearlessly dice onions with the chopper attachment; what ever the task at hand, rest assured that clean up is quick and easy. The MiTutto is a must-have for every kitchen! $69.99 with an 18-month warranty.

mitutto3Jalapeno and Cilantro Yogurt Raita

(made with the MiTutto Immersion Blender)

1 cup greek yogurt (2%)

1 jalapeno

1 handful fresh cilantro

1/2 tsp roasted cumin seeds

½ tsp salt

pinch sugar

Put all ingredients in the MiTutto’s measuring cup or a deep jar.  Insert the MiTutto with the chopping blade attachment, and move the appliance up and down until the all of the ingredients are blended. Chill and serve.




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