Hailing from Bhopal, as the former 2012 Mrs. India International, Pooja Jain will be making her Houston debut at the 25th annual Bibi Magazine bridal show at Sugar Land’s Sweetwater Country Club this Sunday, October 11, 2015 from 12PM to 5PM.

Jain is an IT professional (with a Master’s in computer application), a mother of a two-year-old son, and a wife to husband, Pradeep Jain, who also works in the software industry. She’s widely praised as a social activist—involved in a variety of social causes in India and USA, specifically in the awareness of eye donation, women’s empowerment, and education for young girls.

She believes that “women are the real architects of society, and society needs to praise and respect them for a strong [social] structure.” She’s also strongly passionate about and promotes organ and eye donation, which is the act of donating one’s organs and/or eyes after his/her death. This is an important cause as one organ and tissue donor can save the lives of up to 10 people!

Since winning the 2012 International Pageant in Atlanta with the mission “to make a difference,” Jain has laid low, focusing exclusively on her family and charitable, non-profit organization efforts. By being a part of the Bibi Magazine bridal show, she hopes to make a positive difference and build awareness of her efforts within the South Asian-American community!

For brides who are interested in attending the upcoming Bibi Magazine bridal show, you can pre-register here: http://www.bibimagazine.com/bridalshow/

Brides who pre-register will receive a gift bag filled with goodies from our sponsors: Macy’s First Colony, Paul Mitchell The School Houston, Mary Kay Cosmetics, and Sole Serum, among others. Three brides will win a door prize, valued at $50, from Sephora First Colony!

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