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How To Engage Your Best Friend: An Experienced-Based Guide on How Modern Couples Are Getting Engaged

When it comes down to it, the person one would want to share his or her life with will always be someone who you consider your best friend, who brings out the best in you, and shows you the meaning of genuinely caring for another human being. This is a basic requisite to any partner […]

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Netflix and Chill(ies): Netflix Signs Deal with Bollywood's Shah Rukh Khan

For those who don’t know, Bollywood (India’s Hindi language film industry, based in Mumbai) is one of the highest producing markets in the world. India is the largest film market in the world in regards to the number of films produced, tickets sold, and viewers. So, when on Netflix, how many of you have ever wondered […]

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Follow Me To... Changing Lives By Rethinking How You Shop For Diamonds

Your eyes met, hearts dropped, rain fell, and you danced around in the slippery puddles with your beau, while music suddenly began to play. Then, all of a sudden, upon meeting each other, everyday has become your own song, which you sing and dance to, on the Swiss Alps… Okaaay, maybe not all of our romances […]

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